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What Pet Insurance Covers And Doesn’t Cover

pet insurance

Pet insurance covers almost every contingency that could happen to your beloved canine, cat or rabbit. Pet insurance is certainly a lifesaver from the point of view of the owner.

If you own an expensive pet, then pet insurance makes financial sense. Even if you don’t own an expensive dog or a cat, but rather a cute and cuddly animal that you often take for granted, pet insurance will ensure that in case of an accident or any other emergency, the veterinary bills would be covered. If you don’t own a cat, but your dog does, then pet insurance will ensure that in case of sudden or unforeseen injuries to your dog, the cost of the treatment and rehabilitation would be covered.

Some insurance policies cover only specific kinds of accidents. While this is fine for a single incident like a scratch, there are situations where the insurance would not cover an accident for which it has been availed of. Most pet insurance policies offer coverage to animals like dogs, cats, hamsters, reptiles and turtles.

The major surgeries like the elbow, hip, knee and even bone fracture are also covered under some pet policies. If you want to get a policy that covers major surgeries, make sure to read and understand the policy thoroughly. It is advisable to ask questions to your veterinarian before taking out a pet policy. There are instances when a pet policy does not cover major surgeries as per the guidelines set by the insurance company.

What pet insurance covers and does not cover is entirely different for exotic pets. In this case, some of these types of pets such as dragons and unicorns are not covered under any insurance policies as they are considered to be “extinct”.

Most dog owners tend to go for a basic policy that provides the basic medical expenses like check-up and treatment for the entire lifetime of their pet. However, a few owners like to opt for a higher-end plan that would provide additional coverage for emergency care and surgery. This kind of coverage is offered by pet insurance companies that specialize in providing a comprehensive pet coverage plan.

Most of these plans would provide coverage for minor and major expenses incurred during a trip. A single trip to the veterinarian for a checkup can easily eat up a whole month’s salary. Hence, you should look into getting a good plan that would cover the medical expenses of your pet without making it difficult for you to pay.

Pet insurance has come a long way and its scope of coverage is huge. There are several plans available to choose from and hence, it is always advisable to compare and choose the right plan.

When you are choosing a coverage plan, it is always recommended to look into the terms and conditions of the policy well in advance. You should also decide on the kind of coverage you would need to get, as there are some pet insurance policies that will offer coverage only for one or two diseases and injuries, whereas there are other companies who will cover the whole gamut of accidents and mishaps that may occur during a dog’s lifetime.

Make sure that you read and understand all the stipulations carefully so that you are assured of getting the best possible plan. for the protection of your beloved pet. Make sure that you read the fine print carefully and ensure that you get a comprehensive coverage that will not leave you paying for unnecessary medical bills.

Most insurance policies are very flexible. They give coverage for both preventative and remedial health care and even cover for lost, stolen and damaged pets. However, some insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions. If you think that you have an existing condition and you want to keep your pet in the same condition for the rest of your life, it is advisable to take out a “no claim bonus” policy to get coverage even if it means paying a little more.

What pet insurance covers and doesn’t cover depends on your circumstances and your budget. Make sure that you make an informed decision and research well before you decide to get a pet insurance. If your budget is tight, try to get a basic insurance policy that would provide you with a basic level of coverage at a reasonable rate. If you can afford it, then go for a more comprehensive insurance plan that would cover major surgeries, accidents and illnesses.