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Unilever Picks Brazil For Its Pet Care Products Introduction

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Unilever Picks Brazil as its first pet product launch in South America. What do Brazilian veterinarians say about this new brand of cat litter?

Vet Joao Alves, the veterinary director of the Santa Maria Veterinaria in Santo Antônio, Brazil says, “The cat litter is not contaminated with any bacteria and there have been no reports of illness yet. In fact, it is not yet introduced to the public. It will be introduced later in Brazil.” He says the company is now focusing on the cat care products and solutions. “We are already looking forward to having a range of pet products that have the highest standards of safety and hygiene and which can also be found in other countries.”

Veterinarians in Brazil are in a dilemma to decide whether this new brand will prove to be good or bad. They believe this new cat litter tray will help a lot for pet owners to keep their pets healthy and happy. They believe that the health of their pets should not be put at risk by any means.

Veterinarian Carlos Cesar Farias says, “It is a very good thing that Unilever Picks Brazil for its pet care products debut. The cat litter tray could be a real help for pet owners who want to get rid of cat litter but cannot do so. And who can blame them for trying to find some alternative means to do so?

Veterinarian Felipe Tressel says that this brand will help pet owners to save more money in vet’s bills. “It would save us a lot on the vet bill and it would also be beneficial for our health because it is a new kind of cat litter tray with the use of a special kind of filter.

Veterinarian Leonardo Jardim says, “If this brand becomes successful in the market, it will help us in saving a lot of money and it would also be a great help for our pets as well. Since this litter tray uses a special type of filter that keeps the cat litter from being smelly and odorous. It would also be good for the environment and it would help us save a lot of money because we will no longer be buying new cat litter every week and it will also help save the environment because it does not contain any harmful chemicals.” and instead will only use natural ingredients like aloe Vera and Rosemary.

Veterinarian Felipe Tressel says, “If the product becomes successful in the market, it will give us a lot of joy since we do not have to buy a new litter box every day and will not have to buy one every week. We will be able to save more money as the cat litter will cost less because we will not have to buy new boxes every time we have a cat or even if the cat needs to use it.” “The cat litter will also be useful for the environment since it does not contain any harmful chemicals and it will not be smelly and it will not cause an odor to the environment as most other brands.

Veterinarian Joao Alves says, “The company has come up with a new concept, which is very helpful to people who have cats. As there is no need for a litter box and all we have to do is to use the new litter box which comes in an attractive color scheme, which is perfect for homes without bathrooms.

Veterinarian Joao Alves says, “If the new litter tray is really successful in the market, it will be great for our pets because they will no longer have to suffer from the smell that comes from the traditional ones. All they have to do is to use the new litter box and they can go about their business.” “The new litter box is made of a special type of plastic that is very resistant to water and other elements so there is no need to clean it too much or worry about the smell.”

Veterinarian Leonardo Jardim says, “I think this product will be very popular among pet owners, because they will no longer have to buy new boxes or even have to go into the bathroom when they have their cats using the box. If the new litter tray gets popular, then I think there will be a lot of new owners who will buy one and then the companies will see this as a very good way to advertise.”

Veterinarian Leonardo Jardim says, “After using the new cat litter tray, I believe that all pet owners will be more aware of how to keep their cat littering properly. They will know how to do their job properly so they can save time and money on the vet’s bills and they will not have to worry about the health of their pet anymore.”