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Planning a Pet Friendly Holiday? Read This First

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Planning a pet friendly holiday in New Zealand? Your furry family member is already part of your immediate family, so why not take them on holiday with you? It is possible for you to join your friends on a holiday cruise or visit the country on a guided tour. Regardless of where you choose to travel, making travel arrangements as a pet owner is only natural – and that is even easier if you have the help of a professional and well-trained pet friendly travel insurance policy in place.

If you are travelling with your dog (or cats), you may already be aware that they are covered by their owners’ travel insurance. However, what if there is an emergency and you must cancel or change your travel plans? Is there a company or person that you can depend on to fill in the details for you when it comes to arranging veterinary care and travel health cover? The truth is that finding this kind of company or person is often more difficult than simply choosing a travel insurance plan.

The first step to make sure that you have a good experience when travelling with your pet is to ensure that you have appropriate pet travel insurance in force. This is something that you should consider doing long before you book a trip, so that you know you have covered your pet adequately and that there are no gaps in coverage. As you might expect, most travel policies will specify that you must provide specific information about your dog, cat, rabbit, bird or other relevant pet species when applying for travel cover. In addition to providing the name and contact information of your animal, you should also provide information about any medications or treatment that your animal has been prescribed or is currently undergoing.

When it comes to booking a holiday package or setting up a tour, some companies won’t include your pet in the list of animals that are included in the package price. They may charge extra for your pet’s inclusion in the tour or trip package. This is particularly common if you have chosen a destination that is off the beaten track where it would be harder to find suitable accommodation. If you’re travelling abroad, however, you should have no difficulty finding a suitable option that includes your pet.

Another thing to take into account when planning a pet friendly holiday is how much you intend to travel. Many pet lovers will choose to travel light, choosing to stop at local attractions along the way. For others, a pet friendly package might not include the cost of public transport to and from the relevant destinations – so make sure you add this to your overall budget. On a short trip, consider whether you’ll need to purchase pet-friendly travel insurance. If you do, you should check how much cover you’ll need.

Before you travel on your pet friendly holiday, make sure you read up on the particular country or region you’ll be visiting. Some countries do not accept pets altogether, while others have strict rules about owning them. In countries with strict policies, you might be required to register and pay a small fee, or even forced to cancel your trip all together. In some isolated areas, there are no shops or shelters offering pet services. If you’re traveling abroad and are worried about being turned away, check out the government website to find out more about rules regarding pets.

And finally, one other aspect to bear in mind when planning a pet friendly holiday is travel insurance. Many pet owners mistakenly believe they will be covered if their pet gets lost or stolen. However, this is rarely the case. Most travel insurance only covers you for emergency expenses once you’ve booked your trip – not when you arrive. So if you’ve chosen to take your pet with you on vacation, you will need to get him or her covered by a separate travel insurance policy. Read through the policy carefully to make sure it covers the kind of travel you intend to do.

These are just a few of the issues you’ll need to think about when planning a pet friendly holiday. The more you know about pet friendly travel, the easier it will be. That’s why we’ve created a free mini-guest eBook that gives you the low down on everything you need to know. If you want the full story on how to plan a pet friendly holiday, you can visit our website below. It’s full of all the best information you could ever need to be a pet owner!