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Pet Owners and Businesses Get a IBPSA Pet Care Business Excellence Award

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The pet industry is in need of an advertising campaign for the next year and one pet business that have stepped up to offer such a campaign is Petatarian of the Year. This pet care services provider has been given the title of an IBPSA Pet Care Business Excellence Award. This award is given to businesses that demonstrate excellence in pet care services. The pet industry is a large one and if a pet care professional is able to show excellence in their line of business, they have a better chance of competing against other pet care providers in the marketplace. This pet care services provider prides itself on its passion for pets, as well as its service to the pet dog and cat owner in the greater Pittsburgh area.

When the selection committee was preparing to announce this year’s recipients, the thought process went something like this. What were some of the qualities that a pet care provider should have? And what qualities do Petatarian of the Year candidates possess?

A pet services provider should have an understanding of pet behavior. They should understand and be able to teach pet owners how to modify their pet behaviors based on different situations. The professionals at Petatarian of the Year have a strong understanding of the social nature of dogs and cats. They are continuously training pet owners on how to interact with these animals in order to create and maintain a loving relationship between the pet and their owners.

A pet services provider should also be familiar with the different breeds of dogs and cats. This experience can be a huge plus when it comes to the success of their businesses. Petatarian of the Year, Inc. has made this a priority for all of their awardees. When selecting which professional to present to the public, they only choose those who have a true understanding and love of the different breeds of animals. To Petatarian of the Year, Inc., this is truly an honorable distinction.

Petatarian of the Year, Inc. has also decided to set forth a goal for each of their awardees. Each year they will pick one pet care provider who possesses the qualities listed above and call them the Petatarian of the Year. The next year they will take it a step further and elect a company who demonstrates the ability to meet the needs of pet owners and help them accomplish everything they have dreamed. The Petatarian of the Year program is a true representation of Petatarian values and principles. The fact that this pet care provider reaches out to so many people with their continuous education efforts is impressive. They help pet owners get what they most desire; a high quality, low cost health insurance policy.

Petatarian of the Year, Inc. is proud to present their honoree, Hector Velasco, with their Petatarian of the Year award. Mr. Velasco has a strong commitment to providing pet owners with the best possible health care. Mr. Velasco believes strongly that pet care providers should be held in the highest regard, which is why he is proud to be Petatarian of the Year, Inc. He has accomplished an outstanding job raising awareness for pet health and well-being.

Mr. Velasco is the owner of La Martina Restaurant & Wine Bar in Laguna Beach, California, and he has managed to create a buzz in the business community because of his passion for pet care. When asked what he would have given to pet owners who were struggling with cancer, he responded, “A new pet! That’s what I would give right now, and I am very happy that he is going to do this year as Petatarian of the Year.” Mr. Velasco will be in charge of the business promotions for the next pet care provider up for the award.

Petaluma Caye Club, Incorporated is one of the organizations that make up the Petaluma Caye Club. The club was established to support pet welfare, conserve our oceans, promote marine life, and educate the public about aquatic life. The Petals of San Diego presented the Special Evening Presentation to the Petatarian of the Year. This particular award was presented to a business owner that exhibits exceptional leadership skills, commitment to excellence, and a commitment to the Petals of San Diego. Mr. David Cote, President and CEO of Petaluma Caye Club said about the Petatarian of the Year Program, “The Petatarian of the Year Program is truly a celebration of the amazing profession of caring for dogs and cats at all ages. We are honored to be able to celebrate this great organization and its founder, Mr. Richard J. Velasco, in this way, and send a special thank you message to him and all the other Petatarian of the Year Awardees.”