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Pet Care Research Report – The Changing Consumer Market

pet care

Pet Care market is a global market with an estimated annual turnover of USD 32 billion. Pet Care market research report has been prepared keeping in mind the market size, development trends, future scenario and the competition around the world. The report highlights on various aspects of the global pet care market including adoption of a pet, number of pets lost or stolen and industry verticals.

The global pet products industry is experiencing strong competition from substitutes like dog food, cat food, fruits and vegetables, organic pet products, holistic pet products, pet grooming and pet services market. Though sales of traditional pet products industry are increasing in most parts of the world, pet adoption and shelter services are decreasing in some areas like Japan, US, and China. Demand for a healthier life style and the reduction of pet ownership are also increasing in developed nations like US, UK and Australia. A recent development is an increase in pet adoption, which can be attributed to a rise in animal shelters.

The pet industry is witnessing strong competition from substitutes. Some pet products manufacturers have launched products with more nutrition value, healthier ingredients and better packaging. A recent development is the increased usage of organic pet products. Some pet stores offer organic pet foods with better pet care value. As a result, demand for organic pet products is increasing and some developing nations are seeing a rapid growth in their pet product sales.

A major challenge facing the pet product industry is the current trend of ‘going green’. Many consumers are now aware of the impact of pet waste and the environment on the ecosystem. As a result, companies have started introducing more green products and are focusing on resources that are renewable and biodegradable. In turn, these efforts are transforming the pet products industry, resulting in reduction of pet products waste and pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental issues are also contributing factors to the growing green phenomenon.

Another important market research report is regarding the rising popularity of boutique pet stores. Pet stores are generally a result of franchise operations and as a result provide convenience to consumers looking for pet-specific products. With boutique pet stores come more specialization in terms of pet care products. These stores cater to a specific niche market and their products are targeted at a set of clients.

Apart, from providing convenience to pet owners, boutique pet stores also contribute towards the green movement by reducing animal suffering. Through the sale of organic pet products, these stores contribute to an eco-friendly society. They not only reduce animal suffering but also save energy and money. A pet owner who is concerned about the environment can visit these stores to purchase some of the eco-friendly and healthiest pet products. Some of the products include: dog food, cat food, vitamins and herbal supplements, pet sprays and shampoos, cat condos, pet carriers and more. There is also a trend of breeding healthy pets by utilizing the best pet friendly practices such as organic pet food and natural pet grooming.

The pet care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with potential customers from around the world. This business is very profitable as well. It has recently become one of the fastest growing industries in the world with a turnover of billions of dollars annually. The pet care products industry has a long standing tradition of supplying pet owners with top of the line products for their beloved pets. Pet care research reports such as this one will no doubt provide insight into how the pet products industry is faring against its competition.

The other major research report that falls under the pet care umbrella is that relating to the popular pet sitter services. With the internet being available to 90% of the world, pet sitters are making a good living working out of pet care. Pet sitters essentially act as caretakers for pets and their owners. They take in stray, lost or neglected animals and make certain they are brought up and looked after until their new owners can be found. Some pet care research reveals that pet sitters make an extra income and can save more money than some dog walkers can! As you can see, there is definitely an opportunity for growth and development within this pet industry.