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Pet Allergies Considers Insurance to Cover Recurring Treatment Costs

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When I had just returned home from the vet and found that my beloved pooch had become infected with distemper, leptospirosis and a number of other infections, I considered putting him down. Even after he was put to sleep, he continued to display signs of illness. I knew that there were more things wrong with him than a simple cold or a fever, so I took him in for analysis by a veterinary specialist. After a thorough check up, it was determined that there were in fact, other issues with my canine friend, including chronic lung disease, kidney problems, chronic skin rashes, allergies and chronic bacterial infections.

As the owner of a pet dog, I was naturally worried about his health and did some research. What I discovered was shocking. The cost of treating common illnesses in dogs can easily top one thousand dollars! Considering that in this country, there are many families who do not have access to veterinarian medical care, these costs can be sky high. I immediately asked my veterinarian for help in covering these veterinary bills.

Surprisingly, the doctor agreed that my dog should be covered by health insurance. Since my dog had been diagnosed with such critical ailments, we could not afford to lose any further time. We quickly applied and obtained veterinary health insurance for my dog. Surprisingly, the premiums for this type of policy are extremely reasonable and affordable, especially considering the health risks involved with not having regular veterinary checkups and treatments.

My veterinarian gave me a detailed listing of what types of treatments he recommended for my pet. It took some research on my part, but I soon came upon a plan that would cover most if not all of the services that my pet would need. Not only were the treatments more expensive but I was now responsible for much of the cost. Was it worth it?

The simple answer is yes. Having pet health insurance has saved my pets’ lives’ time after time. Unfortunately, not every owner knows about the benefits of a policy. Perhaps the next time you take your dog to the vet, you will consider adding it to your list of medical expenses. The benefits of this type of policy are tremendous.

Consider the following scenario. You take your beloved dog to the vet and within an hour of your arriving home your beloved dog has a severe reaction to a common medication. You are immediately rushed to the emergency room, and your beloved dog dies at the hospital. Would you have been covered under your normal veterinarian care? Chances are you probably would not have, and you certainly wouldn’t have taken the chance of exposing your dog to a life threatening disease.

Pet insurance is designed to provide financial security for pet owners. Just like you, your pet should be protected from the risks of common pet illnesses. Insurance can cover the cost of veterinarian care when you are away from home. When you are not able to provide quality care for your pet, this type of coverage will allow you to rest easy knowing that they are receiving the best possible care. This security is priceless.

When it comes to your beloved pets health and safety, do not take chances. Make sure that your pet is healthy and treated regularly at the veterinarian. If you do not already have insurance, it is time you considered taking out a policy. A policy can protect your family in the event of major health issues or routine wellness care costs.