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How To Have A Dog Easter Party With Non-Dog Owners

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The season of spring is a perfect time of year to celebrate the return of the dog to his outdoor playtime and how much he adores his “man’s best friend”. With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to get creative and plan a fun and fabulous dog Easter party. This article will give you some great ideas on how to celebrate the day with your dog and his friends.

The first thing to know about planning a dog Easter party is that it is a very casual event. You can have your entire yard or garden adorned with doggy paw prints and other fun dog accessories. Make sure to include pictures of your dog playing with his favorite toys and or doing his usual activities. Include a few fun games to play and some treats to hand out to all of your guests. How to have a dog Easter party is all about having fun!

The next step in planning an amazing how to have a dog Easter party is to invite all of your dog’s friends over for a “Puppy Party.” This should be done as soon as possible because many dogs are accustomed to having people over for snacks and playtime so they will feel very welcomed at your party. Invite your dog’s “best friends” over to your house for a day of non-stop fun and games so that they can enjoy each other’s company without feeling left out.

Now it’s time to get decorations going. Use egg cartons to make your invitations and label them “Puppy Party.” Have each guest write their name in a cute little tag. Remember to include your phone number in your invitations so that your guests can call and leave your party with a nice message. There are many Easter themed party favors you can give your guests that will really help make your dog’s day bright.

Your party supplies will come in handy when it comes to actually planning your event. Get party bags filled with their favorite treats and decorations so that your guests can start enjoying themselves right away. Fill up the bags with dog appropriate stuff such as dog ears and dog food. Don’t forget to fill the bags with fun party games and prizes for the winner of each game. You can also add a small bag of “Doggie Treats” as well for those guests who don’t want to leave home without their dog treat.

Games are always fun and something that your dog will look forward to. Make up fun games such as “Dogs vs. Rabbits” or “pherds and pigs.” You can pick one from the list of ideas below or come up with your own. Take note of any Easter themed items you may already have on hand, such as eggs, wreaths, or candles. For Easter dog themed party games, get all the “pork” or Easter eggs you can find and put them into a big basket. Pour some “Egg” flavored fun mix into the basket and let your guests roll the eggs on the ground.

You can make up fun Easter treats such as egg crackers, mini chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries. The kids will have a blast eating these treats and your pet will love the attention too! For more ideas on party treats, visit our site. Our treats are guaranteed to keep your guests’ attention and have them coming back again for more.

When planning your next dog-oriented party, you should think about the fun of feeding your dog and his guests at the same time. The best way to do this is by purchasing a dog feeder that will keep your dog’s food supply fresh while allowing you to easily supply your dog’s needs. This will eliminate the need to run back and forth to the store between games and feedings. If you plan how to have a dog Easter party that doesn’t include any of these, you will be much happier in the long run.