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Holistic Health Jellies for Dogs – How Holistic Medicine Can Make Your Dog More Relaxed

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Many vet-formulated health jellies for dogs have hit the market in recent times, some better than others. They are very similar to the Aeroplane jells enjoyed by children, but with dogs instead of human beings. According to owner Amanda Falconer, owner Clare says Moodle Molly was so hyper for years before she started taking her on a trip with the family to the beach.

Dogs and humans alike are concerned about being anxious or bored and may be more susceptible to stress if they are not taken out. This can lead to behaviour problems. “Moody is one of my best dogs,” says owner Clare, “but he is always fidgeting in the car. Sometimes he will even roll over in his sleeping position when he’s watching TV and I know it makes him anxious.”

However, her dog isn’t just an anxious dog. He also suffers from chronic ailments and is prone to depression, according to owner Clare. Moody has developed a cough and cold recently, as well as bouts of depression and anxiety. But Clare is not alarmed because she says Moody is under the care of his veterinarian who she says has given him lots of medication.

Dog owners find it particularly difficult to find remedies that are easy on their dogs. Some vets prescribe medication for this but that is usually only temporary relief. Dr Cornack recommends holistic medicine for dog owners who want to cure their dog rather than just provide relief from the symptoms of the illness. This alternative approach treats the root cause of the problem, which is the anxiety and stress, along with providing a supportive environment to calm the dog down.

Dr Cornack is a holistic vet dr. He is an instructor at the Holistic Medicine Center and he is also a member of the Natural Healing and Holistic Treatment Association of America. He has many years of experience and training as a professional natural healer and his book The Anxiety Cure For Dogs was written with his clients in mind. According to Clare, her Moodle has suffered from chronic ailments such as allergies, arthritis, flea and tick infestation, joint pain, joint swelling and ear infections and eczema.

According to Dr Cornack, these illnesses and the treatments involved will make your dog less anxious. He believes that if you feed your dog food that is full of vitamins and minerals, your dog will have less stress and less anxiety. Moody has a dry coat that keeps him feeling dry and warm, and if you give him herbal remedies such as the Moodle and Bird’s Nest herbal shampoo, this will also help. Dogs, he says, respond better to herbs than prescription medications. This also helps keep their skin moisturised.

Most dog owners also believe that they are more relaxed and more content if there is less barking and whining in the house. This can be achieved by choosing a dog with a good temperament and low energy levels. There are special toys that your dog can play with, such as those that have a soft pad on the bottom. If your dog is hyperactive, then try a collar that will train him to stay still.

This is not a guarantee but dog owners say that the combination of a dog’s natural behavior and the treatment it receives makes their dogs much happier. With a little care and commitment, the healing powers of the herbs found in the Holistic Health Jellies for Dogs book can make a positive difference in how your dog feels and in its health and happiness.