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A Review of Handforth Pet Care Retailer

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Handforth pet care retailer is the latest to benefit from recent state pricing relief. Since September, several pet owners have been complaining about hikes in their local veterinarian bills. The hikes have affected fees and discounts, but now the Handforth pet care company has decided to act on the situation, and is hoping to strike a deal with the state’s veterinarian offices. What should pet owners to be aware of, and how should they respond?

According to the companies, increased veterinarian fees have resulted in fewer animal surgeries performed, and consequently, fewer pets being given medical attention. This seems like an intuitively fair result-why are fewer pets being treated for diseases when the costs have skyrocketed? Well, the answer is simple. Veterinarians don’t typically operate as hospitals, and even when they do, there are limits to the types of procedures that they can perform. For example, while cats can be sedated, dogs can’t. Even when dogs are sedated, there are limits to the number of commands that they can be administered-so the amount of pain that they experience during a surgery, for instance, may have been exaggerated.

Because of these limitations, veterinarians aren’t likely to be as quick to give a surgery date, and will consequently be more hesitant about putting their patients on painkillers. This means that many pet owners will be forced to undergo painful treatments without painkillers, and even worse, will have their pets put to sleep in the process. At the same time, without veterinary training, it is very difficult for a veterinarian to discern which treatments are actually helpful, and which aren’t. So, in a situation where less invasive procedures are preferable to surgery, what will the public think? Will the retailers’ customers feel less pressured to choose affordable, non-invasive pet care options?

According to spokespeople for Handforth Pet Care, the company “abandraits” the fact that its pharmacies carry only FDA approved products, and that they have “no conflict settlements or special arrangements with any health insurance provider”. However, there’s one thing that these retailers are not necessarily telling their customers: that a large percentage of veterinary pet healthcare costs are paid by insurance companies! What is the relationship between health insurance and veterinary pet care, and how does it affect your pocketbook? The answer might surprise you.

According to experts, pet care is best dealt with at the preventive level. Preventive medicine generally focuses on issues like age-related disease, immunocompromised conditions, cancer, and heart disease, among others. It doesn’t pay to treat the symptoms-it’s much more efficient to prevent disease in the first place. So how do you keep yourself and your dog healthy and away from veterinarian bills? By using a high quality, veterinarian approved veterinarian drug that contains only natural ingredients.

A good example of such a drug is the one that Handforth Pet Care sells, called Handforth Complete Nutrition. This gentle, all natural supplement contains everything a dog needs to stay fit: fish oil, poultry and egg protein, and important vitamins and minerals that are important to any dog’s health. The cost of these eight herbal supplements is about $100. Add it up over a year’s worth of medications, and you’ll see just how much a dog’s healthcare costs can run!

What’s more, your veterinarian will love you for sending him an entire stock of Handforth products. Rather than having to buy more doses of pills or administering tablets, the vet gets his or her hands on the best of everything. This includes an entire tube of Handforth dog food, along with kibble, treats, bowls, and bags. Furthermore, if your dog has caught a disease, your veterinarian may be able to prescribe a stronger dosage of medication for a longer time, with lower costs. All of these savings are applied to the overall cost of your pet’s healthcare, which is what you’re really paying for. With prices like these, why wouldn’t your dog benefit from the most cost effective form of pet care possible?

In addition to saving you money, ordering supplies through the Handforth pet care website also allows you to take advantage of their unconditional free shipping. You can place any order online and then have the goods shipped directly to your home. When you consider the amount of money you save by not having to pay for over the counter medicine or prescription drugs, you’ll see just how much of your pet care costs can be redirected to paying for the shipping. Even if you’re still wary about ordering through the internet, you may want to give the online shopping cart a try – you may be surprised at how easy it is to shop for your dog’s pet supplies.